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1) How safe is it to travel to India ?

Majority of India specially the mountains (except Kashmir valley), Rajasthan and south India are a safe haven for tourists.

2) In what form should I carry my money around?

Ans: It is favorable to carry cash and some amount in travelers cheque for backup. You can easily exchange foreign currency for INR at various money exchange centers in India.   

3) Are there ATMs which accept Visa and Master Cards?

Ans: Yes ATMs which accept Visa and Master cards are situated in almost all parts of India in large numbers which are easily accessible.

4) What kind of clothing should I bring along?

Ans: You will require woolen and warm clothes for Himalayas and normal summer clothes and for plains and beaches. ( Type of clothing depends on the climatic conditions)

5) What are the climatic conditions at various times of the year?

India has all 4 seasons all across the country. With extreme cold conditions up north in the mountains to moderate climate in the south and costal India. While central and north Indian plains have extreme temperatures during winters and summers. The months of July and August are the months for rain all over the country.

6) When is the best time to go trekking? 

Ans: The best season for trekking in Himalayas is April- October

7) When is the best time to go rafting? 

The best season for rafting in north India is October- April.

8) What Immunizations do I need before visiting India?

Ans: The following are the basic vaccinations recommended while traveling to India
             Hepatitis A
             Hepatitis B
9) What major cultural considerations should I take care of while traveling to India?

Ans: India has a very traditional and religious society. Its cultures and customs are very different from the western cultural ideas. As a guest in this incredible country, we request you to respond to these customs with sensitivity and Respect. When entering temples, mosques and places of religious worship, please remove your shoes. Many Hindu temples are not open to non-Hindus, always ask permission before entering.

10) What are the major tourist destinations of India?
Ans:The Major tourist destinations for cultural, pilgrimage and heritage tours in India are:
Agra, Delhi, Rajasthan (Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur), Uttarakhand (Char Dham, Rishikesh, Haridwar), Varanasi, Khajuraho, Kerala, Rest of South India

 The Major tourist destinations for adventure tours in India are:
Uttarakhand, Leh-Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim
The Major Coastal regions (beaches) in India are:
Goa, Kerala, Karnataka

11) What are the expectations regarding tipping?

There are no specified guidelines with respect to tipping  
        For Drivers: 8– 10 $ per day.
         For Guides: 5-8 $ per person traveling.
        For Hotel staff and waiters: 2-5 $
        For Porters: 1-2 $

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